Not good for just starting out!

When I started this blog last month my plan was to at least write something on here once a week but then my world got turned upside down with a number of different thing!

On the 20th April 2017 my family lost a true gent after a wonderful 93 years, My great uncle past he was an amazing man and was like an extra grandparent to me, treating me like any grandfather would to his granddaughter by spoiling myself with chocolates ,toys and loads and loads of books.

In 2002  I was really lucky to get the chances to go on holiday a family holiday with him and spend 2 weeks enjoying cruising around the Mediterranean (I have so many wonderful memories of spending time with him).

While my family was clearing my Uncles house. My mother come home with a huge pile of notepads full of lists of events and dates and memories for the years of his life and it get to me thinking that was the way of keeping what us modern people call blogging and the funny thing is after not being here since I first set this page up that has made me more determined to carry on writing this blog even if I know not many people are reading this.




So where do I begin, I’m not  natural to writing as I find it really really really really hard but I feel that I need to share what it’s like to be me .  So let me give you some more information about me and why I  decided to start writing this blog !

So I’m Becki a 27 year old single mother to a little 2 and a half year old girl ( who in fact is my world). I’m a huge Disney fan and love reading as well as watching YouTube videos  ( like  Carrie Hope Fletcher, Gi Fletcher , Tom Fletcher , sacconejoly & Roman Atwood).

Since I was really little I have always struggled with Reading and writing and at the age of 16 years I was  diagnosed with dyslexia (after years and years of asking the comprehensive school to to test me I have to wait until I was in college).

On the other hand I really love being a mum to my beautiful little girl who has help turn my world from a dark and miserable world to the happy world is full of love and happiness. I can also atmeant that sometimes it is a uphill struggle to try and raise a little girl and have loads of problems on your plate but at the end of the day when I see her showing how clever she is it turns my world from a dark and eerie horrible place to amazing and  and wonderful world.

Talk soon and I think it will be a list of my favourite Disney films…